Chocolateria de San Gines - Restaurant

Madrid, Spain

Tags: Casual, Local

This isn't exactly a restaurant because all it serves (as far as I know) is churros and chocolate. A traditional Spanish breakfast food, it is also amazing drunk food and a great treat at 5am when youre heading home from a club. It's open at all hours of the night, it's close to Plaza Mayor and it's a great place to meet up with friends and talk about what happened throughout the night. This is a Spanish tradition and not to be missed and San Gines makes the best churros around (and in case you dont know, churros are a tubular pastry covered in cinnamon and are dipped in the thick chocolate). Get one chocolate and a few orders of churros to go around. It'll be extremely satisfying at 6am after a long night out, and just the thing you need to fall asleep once you get home.