El Tigre - Bar

Madrid, Spain

Tags: Locals, Food, Cheap, Casual

You HAVE to go to El Tigre while youre in Madrid. Located in the cool district of Chueca (accessible from both the Chueca and Gran Via metro stops), El Tigre is always packed to the brim. You will have to push your way in so don't be shy and don't make the mistake of going into the restaurant part in the back because you want to stay in the bar section (if you can either get up to the bar or grab a table consider yourself lucky). For the price of one drink (a small beer is €1.10), you get both the drink and a plate of FREE tapas! They give you a variety of tapas and the more expensive drink you get the bigger your plate, but you can get a ton of food and a ton of alcohol for less than 5 euros. You always make friends here and there are people from around the world pushing and shoving their way into the bar and trying to get their order placed. Definitely a must-see and an experience not soon to be forgotten.